witch hunting this is an aticle about two times in america's history where people were accoused of something with no proof. first of all there was the witch hunt of 1710 where a indian woman named tituba told stories of voodoo and witchcraft to the girls of salem, and these girls dicided to claim that people who they didn't like be punished by lying about people being witches. because they did this 13 women and 6 men were hanged one man was crushed to death and 4 people died in the jail. it went on for some time then a bill was passed in 1711 that brought peace to the land. then in 1950 u.s. sen. joseph mcarthy accoused people of being communists/traitors he ruined hundreds of carrears by telling these tall tails. he had unbelievable govermental power for 4 years until the people caught on to what he was doing then the us senate condemned mccarthy's actions.i think that these are odd periods of time in americas history where people would believe anything. it is hard to believe that anything like this would happen today but it would be scarry if it did. because if it did i would doubt that anyone would help you if you were accused of somthing due to fear. but i am glad that all the people were stopped and frowned upon. its always good when people that do stuff like this are stopped