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things about me...

favorite bands (in no particular order)
blink 182- not really one of my favorites but basically all i listened to throught middle school was this rediculous punk genre so they had to make the list
brand new- one of the best bands ive ever heard. they started their carrear in long island with there first record your favorite wepon although its my least favorite of their albums, it was a great starting point for the band. with each new album they push their limits and show us that they can do more and more with music they can do the accoustic sound as they have shown in deja entendu, they can do the heavier sound as they show in the devil and god are raging inside me, and most recently we can all see that they can make a sound that no other band has tried to make with their ablum daisy an amazing cd which you can hear influences from everything from southern rock to baptist hyms. they have not let me down yet every lyric every note that they put into their songs is pure genious they will go far.
bright eyes- classic indie rock with truely powerful lyrics. the first time i listened to the record i'm wide awake its morning i honestly wanted to cry because i had never heard somthing so beautiful. conor oberst the lead singer has been making music sence he was 13 years old, and as you hear him change from a whinny teenage boy (as seen in the band comander venus) to a power vocalist and poet. you can smile and look back and say wow look at how far he has come musically. now conor oberst is making music in his new band conor oberst and the mystic valley band its good has a nice sort a country twang to your typical bright eyes sound
chiodos- for lack of a better word "screamo" . great music always good to listen to after a bad day or while running. craig owens the vocalist has a voice that cannot be duplicated yes he can scream but that isn't the only thing this band is about (unlike other bands that seen to just take jibberish lyrics and yell into a microphone) he puts the screaming with his singing to add emotion and does it very well remember its not just screaming so even if you cant handle this genre give these guys a try have an open mind about music like often said you cand judge a book by its cover.
death cab for cutie/ benjamin gibbard- ben gibbard most know for his band death cab for cutie an amazing band but most people only have heard the songs "ill follow you into the dark" , "soul meets body" and most reciently "i will possess your heart but death cab for cutie is more then just those songs they make music just to have fun with it not to impress anyone they make the music they love and i am more that satisified with what they have come up with.
fiest- i first heard fiests song "1 2 3 4" from the apple commercial which im sure we have all heard which is a good song but that wasn't going to get me to buy her cd it wasn't good enough for me to want to hear it anymore that i already did on the radio so time went on and as i did quite frequently (every day after school) i watched the colbert report after school and who else would be on the show but fiest where she played her song "i feel it all" and that is when i fell in love with her music that is when i rushed to the car to run down to graywhale to buy her cd and all i can say is it was probally some of the best $8 ive ever spent.
lullaby for the working class- i cant say i have heard all of their music i have 6 of their cds but only have listened to one blanket warm its jus one of those cd's that is just great to fall asleep too (hence the name lullaby for the working class) i dont think that while im laying in my bed i can stay awake for their final song "good night" which the whole time you hear their beautiful accoustic gutiar mixed with some violins and other string instruments you hear something that for me could be the most relaxing sound ever. CRICKETS CHIRPING its so relaxing to listen to these insects every time i hear them its like a time machine brings me back to my childhood and those long summer nights building forts digging holes picking flowers out of your mothers garden just to walk inside to try to sell them to your mom for a quarter. this music is great and really relaxing
manchester orchestra- THIS BAND IS NOT A REAL ORCHESTRA i cannot tell you how many times i have been telling people about this band and they ask that question you know is comming because its been there everytime you ever mention the band. well is it a real orchestra??? no its not but it is amazing. all you need to do is give it a chance i have to admit that the first time i ever listened to this band i was extremely dissapointed and didn't like them at all but slowly began to realize that i had never heard anything like it before and that they had something that no other band has. and soon you come to realize that what you heard and hated a week ago is the only thing you seem to be listening to for the rest of the month and you cant really tell what won you over all you know that the songs are put into your head and just wont go away then pretty soon your singing at the top of your lungs in the shower "CAUSE I CONFIDE IN WOLVES AT NIGHT, WELL HAVE YOU SEEN MY BABY GIRL SHE IS SO LONLEY, SO LONLEY EH EH EH EH" then you whip out the guitar and are playing their songs to friends and you have come to realize that you have become a manchester orchestra addict.

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